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My Maximum Healthy

Getting to your maximum healthy requires a commitment to workout out, eating right, and willingness to make adjustments. This program is about lifestyle change and maintaining it.

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Included in this program:

  • Weekly Live, Online Interactive Instruction & Assessment Sessions
  • Custom Workout (w/ Daily Stats Logging/Tracking)
  • Email & Text Support
  • Personalized Nutrition Programming
  • Personalized Cardio Schedule & Logging
  • Comprehensive weekly stats evaluation & check-in
  • Coaches keeping you motivated & accountable to keep you on track

What you will need to do to be successful:

  • Input full days of meals into our software 4-6 days a week
  • Commit to 4+ days a week of strength an condition for 30 minutes each
  • Commit to 2+ days a week of aerobic activity 30+ minutes each
  • Commit to weekly movement & form assesments as well as email check ins

You will need to be honest with your daily diet habits so we can adjust your workouts and aerobic schedules appropriately for the best results. You must be open with what challenges you the most, make time for yourself, be honest with your coaches at all times.

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What does the Super Strength Gains Program Involve?

Virtual Appointments: An Online Interactive Instruction Assessment can be done on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You schedule a virtual appointment with your coach and they go over your workout plan, assess your form on exercises you may not know as well as the progress of your form on challenging exercises.

Website Virtual Training

Personalized Nutrition Programming: You will receive a link to open up your Evolution Nutrition account, you will be asked to select your menu and food preferences. Rachel, our Dietician and Certified Holistic Nutritionist will make adjustements to the menu based on your goals, food preferences/availability, and the type and schedule of your workouts.

Food Log

Custom Workout w/ Daily Stats Tracking: Each week you will get a custom workout sent to you via email that is tailored to your goals, abilities, and available equipment/spaces. We are very successful because your nutrition and workouts go hand-in-hand so we need to make sure that we are providing you with the appriate type and amount of calories for your workout schedule.

Tailored Workouts

Coaching support: We will make sure that we answer your questions as you go along either by email, text, or virtual appointments. We will be constantly adjusting all the variables to make sure that you are as successful at reaching your goals as you can be.

We will be tracking stats as you fill out forms regarding your weekly goals and the results of your workouts. We will be able to monitor your progress, give you feedback and encourage you with results and constant motivation.

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