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Spring into Summer Shape

We Take Care of Absolutely Everything...

Includes all your meals each week, Menus, Recipes, Nutrition Coaching & Measurements,  and Fitness Programming.

We take all the guess work out of getting you into summer shape!

Spring into Summer Shape!

A 6 week complete program that will get you into the best shape ever!

  • Fresh Food Boxes delivered to boot camp or for pickup each week
  • Menu's, Recipes, and Meal Plans included with each box of food
  • Bi Weekly Measurments and Nutrition Coaching via Interactive Online Meeting
  • Fitness Programming/Planning to Integrate Nutrition and Exercise Schedules


The Spring into Summer Shape program is so extensive that we are only opening 12 spots, so reserve your spot soon. The Spring into Summer Shape Up is an all inclusive program that includes a progressive menu that starts with a liver detox and moves to a perfectly balanced meal plan for a sustainable diet moving forward. We will be putting together weekly organic fresh boxes with all the ingredients you need to cook all your meals for the week.

We will be monitoring your progress and conducting virtual check ins with you every other week, getting measurements and making adjustments to your boot camp class schedule and nutrition program to ensure that you are meeting your goals. You'll be the first to use our revolutionary live video platform as well!

We will hold live cooking webinars to go over the techniques and instructions that come with our menu's and recipes.

As part of the custom programming we will offer Beyond Boot Camp supplementary fitness guidance: we will recommend low intensity training schedules to compliment your boot camp workouts that help you meet your fitness goals.

What you get:

Food delivered or picked up

  • We will be putting together weekly fresh boxes with all the indredients you need to cook your meals for the week.
  • All organic (when available otherwise the highest quality non organic replacement will be used)
  • Locally sourced (when available) and incredibly delicious ingredients

Nutritional Coaching

  • Biweekly nutrition appoints, live or virtual
  • Discussing menus and making adjustments
  • Creating strategies for success with your nutrition & workouts
  • Current diet analysis
  • Food history, what works, what doesn't
  • General nutrition quesitons and answers

Measurement Tracking & Reporting

  • Through live one-on-one virtual (video) appointments we will guide you through taking measurements and putting them into our custom e-form for tracking purposes.
  • We will analyze the results over time and offer adjustments to your program to help you reach your goals.

Beyond Boot Camp Fitness Guidance

  • Overall program analysis and daily exercise guidance
  • Personalized recommendations for low intensity individual exercise
  • Personal Fitness Wearables analysis and recommendations
  • General fitness guidance and program management


(Member pricing applies to anyone with a monthly subscription for any training service.)


(Anyone on a 6 week intro special, package, or no active subscription.)