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San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camps are a true outdoor boot camp experience.

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Certified as a Master Fitness Trainer by the United States Army, Co Owner, Justin Fassio, has maintained the core military philosophy of group training, which has resulted in creating the best workout routines out of some of the most popular outdoor fitness training methods used today.

Military Basic training is intended to take a large group of people with disparate athletic abilities and turn them into one, cohesive fighting unit. You may not be going off to war tomorrow but we will make you fit for life today!

Our bodyweight training system follows the same program the U.S. Military has used for decades, plus I've added a new twist utilizing modern physical therapy, functional training, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, core specific exercises, and calisthenics to mix up our programs and get you life ready. Our outdoor fitness workout routines will fine tune every part of your body inside and out.

Get started today and feel like an athlete tomorow (well at least as sore as one in spring training).
Each Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp has a different name, which defines the training technique that will be applied to that boot camp. Here is a list of key terms to know when signing up for a boot camp:

Standard Boot Camps are 1 hour long,

East Mission Valley Boot Camp

Express Boot Camps are 45 minutes long.

Flirty Fit: Our Flirty Fit series of boot camps are a unique creation, it combines traditional calisthenics with go-go and burlesque dance moves, High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, and Plyo Boxes to create an extremely unique and cardio intense experience.  The GoGo series is the advanced dance version of these boot camps.

Allterra: Our Allterra series of Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps are not confined to a small area but expand out to all the park offers. Each park is unique in its terrain whether it's hills or beaches, tennis courts or athletic fields, stairs or benches, we use the whole park as our gym and get a great full body workout. These boot camps include HIIT, Tabata, bodweight, and some aerobic training, combining the best exercises to produce the best workout possible today.

HIIT: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT Outdoor Boot Camps are made up of 10 minute blocks of high intensity exercises that both condition and improve your cardiovascular system while also increasing strength and lean body mass. The best exercises in our HIIT series are generally full body, multiplanar exercises that produce the greatest calorie expenditure for the effort put forward.

Bags & Bands: We try to perform bodyweight exercises as much as possible but in life we also need to lift things. We’ve found that Sand Bags, Suspension Bands, and 40” Circular Bands are the best functional training tool to incorporate into our Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Training philosophy. They offer a high reward, low risk way of adding resistance training into our routine without compromising our integrative training  technique.

Night: Our Night Series of boot camps are still held outdoors, generally in a pavilion lit with wireless DJ lights that create a unique outdoor club atmosphere, adding to the motivating culture of our popular boot camp program.

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