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Recommended Health Fitness Products

Listed below are links to product lines we use and love. Be on the lookout for articles about specific products we use and why we feel they benefit your health and lifestyle.

We do get commissions when you purchase but we put that back into equipment for our outdoor boot camp program so please support our program and if you do take our advice, purchase through our website.

We will not advertise a product that we don't believe in, that is our guarantee to you. Rachel and I go through each item and have come to the conclusion that they are an essential product for a healthy lifestyle.

OzNatruals are a line of chemical free products. We always recommend non nano particulated, non parabin, products to our clients.

OZ Naturals


We like Aquasana shower filters, they reduce the inhilation of chlorine when showering as well as skin contact, both reducing the amount of allergy causing chlorine getting into your healthy system.

50% Off Select Filtration Systems


Tires and shoes are the two areas that I don't skimp on as they are the first point of contact between us and the ground. We will give recommendations on particular footwear for the application in the future. For boot camps we prefer Merril or Solomon Trail Running shoes.

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SodaStream is a great alternative to soda. We like to make our own sparkling lemonades, ginger juices and sparkling teas with soda stream and organic stevia as a sweetener.

Water made exciting!  Sparkling water at the touch of a button.  Shop SodaStream today!


My wife bought me a Links of London wedding ring and not only do I love the design but it has held up incredibly well and is a great for the athletic partner you may have.


Vichy USA- ACD