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Live Virtual Training

San Diego Core Fitness brings our style of training right into your home with our new virtual training platform.

Live virtual training goes way beyond "On Demand" videos and puts you in direct contact with the instructor in a live 1-on-1 or small group environment.

We take all the guess work out of getting you into great shape!

Live One-on-One or Small Group TraininggymGO-In Home Training

Get a live session with a trainer today!

  • 1-on-1 or small group training up to 6 people.
  • Workouts customized to your goals & abilities.
  • Stop the guesswork & get the best workout designed just for you!
  • Combine Virtual Training with Virtual Nutrition Services for a complete program.

This is it, the future of fitness & nutrition...

How it works: Start with a complimentary 15 minute virtual appointment to see if your software is up-to-date & get a quick crash course in how to participate in a virtual session.

Next: We will get you an electronic form to set your goals and get some biometric data into your profile to track progress.

After that: We will set your schedule based on your goals and timelines as well as start crafting your custom workouts. Each one is 30 minutes so when you log in get ready to start, we start blazing calories from the minute you login.

Custom workouts and personalized nutrition programming: everyone is a little different so there is no one-size-fits all program. We've been doing this long enought to narrow down an effective workout & nutrition program for our clients very quickly.

We take all the guesswork out of reaching your goals. Let's get started today!




$50 + cc processing



$190 + cc processing