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Fitness Boot Camp Locations

Each of our fitness boot camp workout locations has a unique set of features, please look at each descpription to see which location works best for you.

Fitness Boot Camp Locations

Boot Camp Class Locations


East Mission Bay

Mission Bay Park is a specatacular setting for outdoor fitness boot camp classes. When entering the parking lot at Tecolote Shores, go to the right (their are two lots), look for the white Ram 1500, wherever it is backed into, that is where we are holding the boot camp class.


Morley Field

Morley Field is on of my favorite spots to hold fitness boot camp classes at. It has a spectacular range of physical features that are great for a large variety of boot camp exercises. We have a 6am boot camp class every weekday morning as well as 6:45 and 7am classes depending on the day.

Please park West of Joe Schloss Way and walk across Joe Schloss Way to the open field at the corner of Joe Schloss Way & Jacaranda Place.



Ski Beach

Ski Beach is where we hold our Weekend Warrior Fitness Boot Camp Class. It starts at 8am every Saturday and is a difficult mixture of the classes that we held the week before or testing out new exercises for the boot camp classes to come. Whatever type of workout it is, the Weekend Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is going to test your fitness.

This one can be tough to find. The park can fill up with parties and people during the summer so we have to look around at times for a good spot. Stay to the left when you enter the parking lot and look for where the white Ram 1500 is backed into.


Aero Drive

Aero Drive is only included in our All Locations Boot Camps Memberships & Packages. Appointments are held in the business center through the leasing office and up the stairs, fitness boot camp classes are held in the gym past the leasing center on Aero Drive.