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Core revitalize-$199 a month

(or $149 a month in a 3 month contract)

Core Revitalize is the 2nd most intensive nutrition program we have that is suited for those that understand healthy eating but need a little more attention and education than we provide in our Core Assist program.

We will offer a more indepth analysis of your current nutritional state as well as the behaviors that have created success for you in the past or have lead to road blocks that kept you from achieving the healthy body that you want.

We will provide you with custom weekly meal plans as well as Core meals (those go to meals that you really love) that have been redone (we'll make custom recipes of your favorite dishes) to fit your taste and nutritional/health needs.

We will also have weekly appointments in which we will go over the behaviors in the past week that have worked for you and the ones that you are not as proud of and find ways to create a healthy balance for both to fit into your fun lifestyle.



What to Expect:

  • Food Intake analysis
  • Lifestyle/Behavior Analysis
  • Nutrition supplements: Evaluation & recommendations
  • Caloric needs assessment for current weight and goal weight
  • Customized meal planning and weekly menus for healthy weight loss
  • Exercise prescription based on health, body composition goals, and ability.
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss strategies for ongoing body composition Management.

Our onsight Holistic Nutritionist will be your guide through the maze of whole foods and dietary recommendations that are best suited to you, as well as provide you with a weekly meal planning and menus that will allow you to reach your health, weight, and body composition goals.